Sony XLR-K3M Digital XLR Adaptor Kit with Microphone

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Product Features

  • Digital audio interface support with the Alpha 7R IV via MI Shoe
  • Highest quality audio is directly transferred to the camera in digital form
  • 2x XLR/TRS connectors and 1x 3.5mm stereo mini jack for microphone and line input
  • Flexible mounting and setup direct
  • Can be used without separate power or cables
  • Designed to suppress mechanical noise
  • Comprehensive audio controls make post production easy
  • ECM-XM1 Super-directional shotgun microphone included


In the Box

  • ony XLR-K3M Dual-Channel Digital XLR Audio Adapter Kit with Shotgun Microphone
  • ECM-XM1 Shotgun Microphone
  • Fur Windscreen
  • MI Shoe Cable


Sony XLR-K3M

Sony XLR-K3M Wireless digital audio interface support via direct connection to the MI (Multi Interface shoe) with two XLR/TRS combo connectors and one 3.5mm stereo mini jack for microphone and line input, with extensive control and maximum performance from professional microphones that helps facilitate the post processing workflow.





Great sound with low noise

When connected via the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible camera that features a built-in digital audio interface, the audio signal is directly transferred to the camera in digital form so that no degradation can occur. A simple switch also provides compatibility with a wide range of cameras using an analog interface.

Versatile connectivity

Two XLR/TRS combo jacks and one 3.5-mm stereo mini microphone jack are provided for input. The XLR/TRS combo jacks are switchable for line input, microphone input, or microphone input with 48 V phantom power.

Flexible setup

A high degree of flexibility is provided for use with professional rigs and camera cages. Audio extension cables are supplied, allowing the location of the XLR adapter on your rig to be adjusted as required.

Cable-free connection

Simply clip the XLR adaptor into the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible camera for direct power and audio connections without the need for extra cables or batteries. Sony's Multi Interface Shoe offers intelligent connectivity and control for a variety of accessories, providing maximum flexibility and mobility for α system shooting.

Mechanical noise suppression

An advanced shock and vibration suppressing design effectively minimizes low-frequency handling noise, which can degrade audio quality. The option for direct on-camera mounting, without additional connecting cables, further reduces the risk of handling noise ruining your audio capture.

Comprehensive control

Comprehensive controllability at the recording stage can greatly facilitate the post processing workflow. Record level (AUTO/MANUAL), record level link (INPUT 1 – INPUT 2), attenuator and low-cut filter (100/300 Hz) controls are provided.

Super-directional shotgun microphone included

A super-directional monaural microphone (ECM-XM1) a wind-noise-reducing fur-type wind screen are supplied.




  • Compact, lightweight design weighing just 187 g (6.6 oz)

  • Two Phantom-power capable XLR/TRS inputs

  • Standard 3.5-mm microphone input with plug-in power

  • Digital-interface compatible Multi Interface Shoe for clear sound

  • Comprehensive manual control and flexible rigging for professional use

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